North For Men – Cleansing Soap Bar.

Life is too hectic, we need time more and more of it to allocate it to different activities. Women are self conscious i.e. they used to manage some time to give it to their personal grooming and appearance; they use personal care products to help them attain what they want. Men are normally not like that but they too need some care as they are more into blue collar jobs (including white collar too) they need skin protection from Sun, atmosphere and skin issues etc.

Oriflame a leading Swedish company that deals in personal care and cosmetics products also had product range for men. “North for Men- Cleansing Soap Bar” is a unique soap product that is specialized for men’s tougher skin. Its best for those men who do care for there skin and have no knowledge for skin products to use and prevent their skin from the effects of atmosphere.

North for Men is a cleansing soap is developed to solve the problem of men’s skin. It has a very soothing affect and soft smell that gives you a refreshing feel. One soap that take care of men skin. North for Men suits all skin types and all seasons.

North for Men cleansing soap bar is a big hit in Pakistan region because of its qualities and effectiveness. I used it and I am satisfied as it gives me the feel I want from a soap a good product to replace all beauty soaps and as it is for men it also take care of the ignored market.

Here is a feedback from one of my customer:

I am a sales man and I have to be in field for the whole day, I needed a cleanser which gives me shine on my face and prevent me form sun. But it should be economical too. Most of the cleansers do not works as a sun block and if I purchase a cleanser and a sun block that would we quite heavy on my pocket. North for Men-Cleansing Soap Bar form Oriflame has solved my problem, Just try it and you will feel the difference”                            Dawood Ahmad

As Mr. Dawood Ahmad said that it also work for him as sun block, although it is not mentioned that its has any protection form UV consumer experience says it all, North for Men-Cleansing Soap Bar is the ultimate soap for men to solve the problem. It gives you shine, cleansing and protection from day to day

Give it a try and you will be amazed from the result.


Oriflame’s First Manager Seminar in Karachi, 3rd Oct 2010

Karachi Downtown

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September 20th 2010 at 8.30 pm, I was driving car in Tariq Road Karachi with my mother I got a call from my sponsor that Oriflame Pakistan is conducting its “First” seminar in Pakistan and on 3rd of October they are doing it in Karachi at Pearl Continental Hotel, I was exited and after a pause he said ” I have qualified for the seminar and got 1 free pass of worth Rs 10,000 and I want to invite you to that event are you willing to come?”. I was surprised as I know that he had more than 350 consultants in his downline and he is offering me this opportunity. I asked about the day of the event as I also do a job full-time, he said “Sunday”, without further delay I said “Done” I was amazed and excited for the opportunity I got. I rescheduled that week so that nothing can disturb my program.

I joined Oriflame in July and I am invited to its First Manager seminar ever in Pakistan. It boosted my confidence and gets me motivated; I started thinking about the event that what’s going to happen there? I have no clue to that yet. Joining Oriflame was an experience of life time as I welcome the opportunity that can change my life, and going to its First manager seminar in the country was also an exciting offer as well as unforgettable experience.

I waited for the day and during that period I strictly followed my schedule and finished all my work so that nothing can intervene me in visiting this event, I attended two pre-event meetings to understand the procedure and decorum of the event as Regional Director South Asia ” Fredrik Widell” was also coming to visit the event besides “Peter Henzc” Managing Director Pakistan.

Finally the day came 3rd October 2010 and as told I was there before time at 10.15 in morning. The seminar started at 11.30 am in the ballroom. It started with a short video of Peter who was in Vietnam before coming to Pakistan and the video showed his travel to Pakistan through different countries, He was dressed in cultural “Shalwar Kurta” and started the event with his Urdu in a cute accent. After that he Introduced Oriflame Pakistan employees who are working in order to provide flawless services to us. Then he gave a short introduction of “Fredrik”. Then he started the recognition part of the seminar which include the recognition of those consultant that had acquired new manager and senior manager titles, they were awarded recognition pins along with a diploma and a flower bouquet. This encouraged us a lot after that was over we had a lunch break. During the break I met Fredrik and Peter and had a little chat with them they talk enthusiastically and motivated me very well and offered there support, I had a very good meeting with Peter before this event also.  After the lunch we all gathered once again in the ballroom where the organizers had prepared a short stage act to promote Oriflame, we were having fun and enjoyment as they have provided us whistles and we were making full use of that :). After that Fredrick came to the stage and gave a very interesting and motivational speech on personal development and Leadership. His points were very helpful to us as he gave many practical examples. Fredrick has a very nice personality he is a good speaker he also focused on setting goals and achieving them setting another and another and climbing the ladder of success until one’s hunger of success is satisfied. During his speech he was speaking very good Urdu with a little pakhtoon accent which made his conversation interesting and fun.

After the Fredrick motivational session recognition of Directors and Gold directors started the first Gold Director who is also my Up line gave us some tips and backed us by offering his full support to who ever approaches him he also told his experience of Oriflame Director conference he visited with 6 other directors few weeks before in Stockholm Sweden, He told us his own success story that how he joined and what was his motivation. During that period we also had a tea break where I had a chance to meet the finance head of Oriflame Pakistan, I gave him my suggestions regarding what I think should be done to support consultants and he promised me to put that forward to the management.

Peter announced some good news regarding having catalogs every 2nd month instead having quarterly starting from January 2011. They also gave us brief introduction to new products that will be launched next year. Included in these products is a complete range of foot care products with amazing discounts. They also gave good news of opening a warehouse in Karachi to ensure problem free delivery to the consultants in and around Karachi. New Welcome Program was also launched to motivate the consultants in order to recruit more and more and finally the event came to an end with these offers.

Oriflame Manager’s Seminar was a remarkable experience and I will remember it always as I learned a lot and have fun meeting new people and proud to be a part of that company that is currently at 9th place all over the world in Direct Selling.

Oriflame- Natural Swedish Cosmetics in Karachi


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Last year I heard about a company that has arrived in our country and was an expected competitor ( As I was an Area Sales Manager of a cosmetic company ). I was hearing only the rumors as the company was not in my city yet but there was a fuss about it beauty saloons, beauty advisers, brand managers were talking about it. I was anxious and I was looking for more news for confirmation, I even got glimpse of price list of a new cosmetics company but was unable to read the name. I let it go as I have a confirmation through a customer that it’s not in Karachi ( my home city ). I knew the company will soon arrive here in this town. Next 2 months were quite and after that I left my job and got busy in my personal work. One day I was coming back to home I saw a Hoarding with an International Cosmetics Brand named ” ORIFLAME ” on it with a picture of mixed cosmetics in it and a phrase ” Direct sales “.

I have only heard and learned network marketing through my teachers and peers there were only two companies people talk about related to network marketing were present in Pakistan. Except that there was a famous story of another pioneer Network marketing company in early nineties which was a scam. I got curious and started searching to learn more about network marketing and ORIFLAME. Scanned the internet thoroughly and was shocked to know that there are many Multi level marketing companies operating in Pakistan, Oriflame’s international presences gives me very much satisfaction for the company’s legal background. I learn more and more, got answers to my question and finally I joined ORIFLAME.

Oriflame is a company related to direct sales and network marketing. Initiated its business in Pakistan in 2009 and going better than any other network marketing company in the country.  Orifalme’s direct management is also present in Pakistan, this gives a more experienced support system to its members. Oriflame gives an opportunity to everybody who wants to earn a part-time income, an extra amount of money to compensate their expenses, freedom from jobs and every body who wants to live their dreams.

Since 1967 Oriflame is successfully doing its business in more than 60 countries and still going strong to expand its business to new markets. Dealing in consumer cosmetic ( personal care, skin care, color cosmetics and accessories  ) its customer base is increasing. Oriflame products are inspired from natural ingredients providing solutions to different skin problems and care through their extensive research department.

My association with Oriflame gives me a great opportunity to enhance my skills as a marketer, leader and a good human being. I invite people to come and experience their true potential and learn a different way of life that can lead to freedom and happiness.

Part Time Earning Oppurtunity

Thinking of Home based jobs or part-time earning opportunities or be your own boss types of business are very common concept now and MLM’s are giving this concept a boost. Thousands of internet users search for these words on Google, yahoo or any other search engines. In Pakistan this phenomena is rather new but highly accepted these days as there are many MLM companies are coming to Pakistan. The new entrant of this market is Oriflame Pakistan Ltd. A Swedish based personal care manufacturing company has celebrated its first anniversary in Pakistan. Oriflame is providing people of this country an opportunity to have a life they always dreamed off. Its success was that it had now more than 6000 independent consultants in 4- 5 cities in just 1 year.

What Oriflame offers is great level of income to those who want to utilize their time and skills properly and earn a good amount of personal income other than their normal job or business. There is no restriction of gender or experience required to be the consultant of Oriflame products. Only one thing is required that how much passion do you have to full fill your dreams by hard and smart work ONE can do.

I am a consultant of Oriflame since July and I am earning according to the time I am investing. I found it to be very helpful to earn something extra to meet my expenses other than my salary. I am doing it part-time and still learning and improving day by day.

NOTE: Part time opportunity must not be misunderstood by doing nothing and earning a lot of money as it require your attention.

What I learned is that I am a business owner and I am doing my business of personal care and cosmetics. Seriously it doesn’t require any type of working experience or gender application. Every body can earn if he/she is committed to the work and to learn and apply as told. I am researching myself on this and learning day by day applying day by day. I earned what I targeted to earn through the time I invested. So I give you an invitation to join me IF you want to earn an extra income by giving the amount of time you want and show your commitment. Contact me If you are interested and belive me You will go for it…

Oriflame Pakistan an Introduction

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Oriflame Pakistan is a part of the Swedish company Oriflame Cosmetics, one of the worlds fastest growing Cosmetics Company with operations in 62 countries and market leadership in more than 30. Oriflame does not only provide a large range of affordable high quality Cosmetics but it also gives a opportunity to have a career within a friendly direct sales company.

Oriflame offers a smart way of selling and buying. Its direct sales system is giving a chance of selling high-quality products with an immediate 25% profit as well as the chance to invite others to take the advantage of  great earning opportunity.

Oriflame’s direct sales system offers the customers a reliable, convenient and fun way to buy the products from a friend, with personal advice, ideas and inspiration. As an Oriflame Sales Consultant a person will have a fantastic and dynamic income and career opportunity as well as enjoying unlimited potential for personal development.

In addition to above Oriflame Pakistan also offer free sales- and beauty training as well as leadership development and much more. Though Oriflame Consultants work independently, they are also conscious of being part of a highly supportive global family.

Oriflame is having a success in Lahore and Karachi as the quantity of consultants has crossed 6000 in just one year and still going at increasing rate. Oriflame has its head office at Lahore and it also has a service center at Karachi. It works according to Network marketing concept. Although they are expanding very rapidly they are facing one issue according to me and that is of stock maintainability there are selected items that are short for more than one n half month from now, I think they were not expecting this amount of sales volume so early from Pakistan region. I am working for Oriflame since June and I am progressing I have been studying MLM on net regularly and learned a lot that was not told before.

I am inviting you to join my sales team and I will help you grow ( Inshallah ) by telling you some steps very much crucial for the starters. Regardless of your city of residence you can be part of Oriflame and my team.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Please come in to Oriflame world by calling me on the below number today or you can join my group on Face book i.e. O- Flame and I will be more than happy to tell you more about the fantastic opportunity that Oriflame can offer you

Tamour Tahir

92 333 3078656

The MLM, The Furstration and Me. Education or Training is Important

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Hi everybody,

One month earlier I joined an MLM company named ORIFLAME which came in Pakistan few months ago. I started well by recruiting a consultant instantly and prepared 3 prospects to get themselves registered, I also sold products and got my profit and commission. Then when the second month started the three prospects I prepared went off and didn’t responded me well my customers whom I got orders in the first month were also not giving me a proper response. I got confused that why is this happening, whether it was the product or I am doing something wrong.

I was getting frustration because I was doing a job also and I joined MLM just to earn an extra amount of income. But I wasn’t expecting this because I have worked in cosmetics industry and MLM I joined was also selling cosmetic products I assumed that I can sell these products as I have done it before. After wasting 15 days I got so much frustrated that I lost my concentration on my permanent job. Then I realized that the product was OK but I was doing 2 mistakes in the first place. The first mistake was that I was working with a MLM without having a proper knowledge of how to work with a MLM, secondly I was just selling and prospecting as the most 99% people do in MLM companies. I took a break  and sat down in my room at night lighted a cigarette and started thinking and answering what to do questions { Way I used to do Most of my Important work }. It took whole night to draw some conclusions. Very next morning I started working on what I finalized a night before.

I started to surf around and collect the most authentic and possible working material online related to MLMs and on the other hand I stopped marketing my business or products to any one for a while. I got several articles free of cost that were very helpful to change my view of working as MLM distributor. I worked more and more and learn a lots of useful Information that my Upline didn’t provide me. Talking of Upline I recall something I want to share with every body, If you want a success in your MLM try to find a Upline sponsor who is more helpful to you and should have leadership qualities so that he/she should be there when you needed him most. He should be working along your side to see that you are going the right way or not. My Upline sponsor just messaged me to inform me that my business points are less than hundred or some other stuff like that my trust for my Upline was down.

When I change my way of conducting my business I was more confident and calm and my frustration was gone. This gave me a chance to work with more proper concentration. I am not blasting cans of success right know but I am satisfied that I am on the right track know. I generated a low amount of traffic to my web page also this give me confidence and I realize that I am doing good at the moment.

What I did after my online research I will share it with you all in up coming posts, for know I will only emphasis on planning before working as an MLM distributor because You are doing a business of your own and that requires a proper planning and a marketing strategy.

If you are living in Pakistan and wanted to work part-time and earn some extra cash, looking for a sponsor (who has faced the exact similar problems you are facing) that can guide you well and at least prevent you from doing terrible mistakes. Then you can contact me at

Multi Level Marketing {MLM}


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MLM are growing day by day with increasing number of consultants all over the world. In the start everybody seem to be happy but after some time most of the people felt exhausted and left with a bad word of mouth. Is MLM structure is Ethical?

In Pakistan the very first company that started this business was GOLD KEY INTERNATIONAL and they introduced the controversial pyramid scheme in the country that not only become the symbol of the MLM in the country it also damaged the image of MLM. After Gold Key International many companies also entered some legitimate and some ……. In some popular ones I remember 2 GMI or Gold Mine International and DXN these two were doing pretty well in establishing the LOST image of MLM, But what Oriflame did for the favor of this Industry was unimaginable. Oriflame was the first MLM company that was dealing in Personal Care and Cosmetics and I will say that up till now Oriflame is penetrating the market more rapidly than its predecessors.

What I observe is that in Pakistan if an MLM want to come it must be related to consumer related products and with affordable prices otherwise it may have no room to sit here in Pakistan. Oriflame has been working in Pakistan since 2009 and up to my last knowledge it crossed 5500 consultants in two to three cities ! that’s a bingo for a company in such market. Oriflame is not like other pyramid companies, more precisely it’s not a pyramid anyway you can build a down line of thousands directly beneath you if you can. One thing is for sure right now that future of MLM’s is safe because of consumer goods oriented MLM

“Customer Comfort Zone” a new concept or an old Buzz word?


A new buzz word coming up in my mind from last few months. I have not invented it but also haven’t heard from any one. can this be a new concept for teaching to students? or its already present in the field just needed to be identified?

I was working for a cosmetics distribution firm few months ago, from my past job I came to identify the problem of every customer, a problem my never came up during my MBA. The problem was that every customer was reluctant to our meetings normally. I observed it and discussed it with several experienced managers in the field. Some said that your time is not appropriate to approach them, some said that your company holds a misunderstood reputation among the market. To some extent “time” problem was right as my customers were shopkeepers so they don’t wanted to be disturbed during their customer shopping time, but I was not satisfied from the feedback as after eliminating that “Time” issue I was still facing the problem.

I started writing down the excuses I was getting from the customers that were creating a communication gap between me and my customers. what I concluded from the results was very much interesting and gave me a chance to educate more on this aspect of customer behavior. Most of my customers were not comfortable with me, Why? because the market in which I was working was not very much literate and I was fourth MBA working in this particular section of the Industry.

I was Area Sales Manager of the color cosmetic brand that was imported from Turkey and was distributed in Pakistan by our firm. When I joined the company I had a very little  idea of cosmetics but that didn’t effected me as I gave my every bit of focus to my job. In Karachi’s cosmetics market people are not use to educated salesman or ASMs ( Area Sales Managers). This created a very odd situation for qualified people as the shopkeeper were very much selective in speaking to educated company representatives. In simple words the shopkeepers feels out of comfort when dealing with me because they think that as i was more presentable than others and I have a very educated way of talking they took me as proud person working in this category of market, but this was one of the issues my customers thought of me. I scrutinized myself by the feedback I got from the customers who had a very good relation with my company and me. These problems were not because of me but they were from the customers perspective. I was over represented according to market trends, I was having a very professional way of dealing ( shopkeepers prefer friendly way ) with my customers. I was sometime wrongly presumed as the owner of the company which make the customers ( shopkeepers) very much uncomfortable.

After realizing the problems I develop a strategy to give my all customers the amount of comfort they wanted. I made my appearance a little above the market trend just in order to be accepted by the customers and also preserved my style at the same time, I also give my time to meet my customers on regular visits one by one as to develop a sense of friendship with them ( these visits were also some time not during my official timing), I don’t know whether its ethical or not. After changing further more some little changes to my company sales policy regarding customers the result I got was far more than I expected.

Customer Comfort Zone ( CCZ ) is normally known as personal space I presume, but every marketer should give it more consideration in order to get good results. CCZ is different with respect to customer, observe your customer closely as to how he is responding to you at different situations. After recognizing the CCZ you can work more effectively with your customer if you are in B-2-B marketing industry. This CCZ will be the most valuable tool for you.

Please shed your valuable experience.


Tamour Tahir