Oriflame- Natural Swedish Cosmetics in Karachi


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Last year I heard about a company that has arrived in our country and was an expected competitor ( As I was an Area Sales Manager of a cosmetic company ). I was hearing only the rumors as the company was not in my city yet but there was a fuss about it beauty saloons, beauty advisers, brand managers were talking about it. I was anxious and I was looking for more news for confirmation, I even got glimpse of price list of a new cosmetics company but was unable to read the name. I let it go as I have a confirmation through a customer that it’s not in Karachi ( my home city ). I knew the company will soon arrive here in this town. Next 2 months were quite and after that I left my job and got busy in my personal work. One day I was coming back to home I saw a Hoarding with an International Cosmetics Brand named ” ORIFLAME ” on it with a picture of mixed cosmetics in it and a phrase ” Direct sales “.

I have only heard and learned network marketing through my teachers and peers there were only two companies people talk about related to network marketing were present in Pakistan. Except that there was a famous story of another pioneer Network marketing company in early nineties which was a scam. I got curious and started searching to learn more about network marketing and ORIFLAME. Scanned the internet thoroughly and was shocked to know that there are many Multi level marketing companies operating in Pakistan, Oriflame’s international presences gives me very much satisfaction for the company’s legal background. I learn more and more, got answers to my question and finally I joined ORIFLAME.

Oriflame is a company related to direct sales and network marketing. Initiated its business in Pakistan in 2009 and going better than any other network marketing company in the country.  Orifalme’s direct management is also present in Pakistan, this gives a more experienced support system to its members. Oriflame gives an opportunity to everybody who wants to earn a part-time income, an extra amount of money to compensate their expenses, freedom from jobs and every body who wants to live their dreams.

Since 1967 Oriflame is successfully doing its business in more than 60 countries and still going strong to expand its business to new markets. Dealing in consumer cosmetic ( personal care, skin care, color cosmetics and accessories  ) its customer base is increasing. Oriflame products are inspired from natural ingredients providing solutions to different skin problems and care through their extensive research department.

My association with Oriflame gives me a great opportunity to enhance my skills as a marketer, leader and a good human being. I invite people to come and experience their true potential and learn a different way of life that can lead to freedom and happiness.


5 Responses to Oriflame- Natural Swedish Cosmetics in Karachi

  1. Zehra khalid says:

    hey , i want to ask that how to reach the oriflame products in karachi ? Secondly , im a 2nd year syudent and i want a job in oriflame… What are the basic requirements ? Thanks ,
    Zehra khalid

  2. zohaib says:

    Asalam walikum
    I want to work with you
    Kindly give me complete detail
    My email ID is
    thank you

  3. anum fareed says:

    i want to know about membership

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